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6-week BOXING
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Boxing Session

Whoever wants to start a change in their life and feeling a desire to increase: 

  • Mind/Body & Breath Awareness

  • Focus 

  • Inspiration

  • Development in your career and personal life


This is a great opportunity to explore more of your body and become more connected with the world within you.

Hi, my name Shay a spiritual being having a human experience and I want to invite you to come and practice yoga with me.

It is going to be super fun and I can't wait to meet you all for 6 weeks challenge.  

For more information and details do not hesitate to contact me 

Instagram: Shay.krz 

Email: maryam.s.keshavarz@gmail.com

Phone number: 6478031042 

Are you ready to become a better version of yourself?


Yessssss !!! 

Join us on february 16th for out official launch, We are going to get to know each other go through some details about the course and do a 30 min cool refreshing yoga flow together.

TRy it out for free 

SIgn up for our 6 week challenge 

Bring friends and share this experience with your loved ones too.