Tye Aarons


(oh shit)

 My name is Tye Aarons and I specialize in helping people (like you) become Badasses.


I just happen to be a fitness and health coach 

 Now we both know you don't care that I'm an actor, singer-dancer who is a college graduate, twist, can fit pro, CPR certified, with almost a decade of coaching.


 No, you just care that you are delivered results as fast as possible. So let's cut to the chase.


If you made it this far, I know you want the goods. So what services are available to you!!??

The main service RTB offers is Private Coaching


With private coaching, you will learn how to Release your BEAST!

this happens in 3 steps:


Fuel the beast

Move the beast 


Repeat this over a couple of months and you will become an adonis.


If you are the dedicated type Lets get to know each other!