Why I Became A Personal Trainer

Why did I become a personal trainer?

It has been something in the making since I was very young.

Personal training taps into so many elements of who I am as a person, this career just felt right. But there are 2 elements of PT is that resonated with my soul and are the main reasons why I became a personal trainer.

  1. I love giving to people

  2. I love Movement

Kid Tye

Both of my parents had an athletic background, my dad doing bodybuilding and playing ball My mom being a swimmer and track athlete. I think a lot of it was in my blood.

I was always an active kid. I had a love of movement. I was that kid that you couldn’t get to sit still. Sports were second nature to me, Basketball was my main jam. I didn't want to be in the NBA, but I loved it so much

I remember getting scolded by my parents because I was that kid that would give you my snack at school or my last candy because sharing was important to me.

Early Teens

In my teen years I found out about parkour, district 13 WAS MY

SHIT. of my god the way they moved had me wanting to do that no matter what it took, and my training started. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats, climbing walls, vaulting, wall tacks, I started practicing daily.

During this time I also started up my first entrepreneurial ventures.

Everything from babysitting, to doing odd jobs in the neighborhood, and even selling chocolate covered almonds door to door

Late teens

It was not until I turned 16 that I started taking my fitness more seriously. My dad gave me his chin-up/dip station so I would workout every day. I was at the same time going through a rebellious phase and was trying to be vegan, I Had every intention to take my nutrition more seriously. Meal planning, making smoothies, buying protein powders.

As far as my entrepreneurial ventures I had launched a company called books by kids for kids as a fun and interactive way to get kids more interested in reading and writing. My main goal was to help build up literacy in low-income neighborhoods. Sadly it failed and I was on to the next thing.

When I turned 17 I met a few members of Body by Chosen and these guys pushed me so hard. They inspired me like crazy. They showed me a whole other side of fitness. And showed me that you can use fitness as a way to give back to communities.

That same year my best friend's mom had told me that I have the type of personality that would be good for life coaching and that it would be a good idea to pursue that.

Then it clicked. Life coaching + fitness = Personal Trainer

I had the equation down and knew what I wanted to do, I studied

and then went to college for 2 years where it took a fitness and health promotion course. Upon graduating I was hired at body by chosen and I finally experienced what it was like to be a personal trainer.

I love my clients and getting them to reach new milestones gives me goosebumps. Helping people become the best they can be, It's the best job in the world.

Personal trainers give so much to their clients. We are teachers, storytellers, mentors, coaches. We give ourselves to our clients and in return help them live better lives.

That is why I became a personal trainer.

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